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The Tuscany Wedding Photography  consists in a sequence of images shot in reportage style. The photos represent a document reporting this great experience. Your day, your story, your life. In general this day passes by so quickly that you don’t even realize all that happened. Therefore it is so important for you to have an album catching and fixing these memories. A wedding is certainly one of the most important moments in a person’s life, precious emotions that cannot be simply summarized in a pile of photographs.

The Tuscany Wedding Photography wants to represent the exact sequence of those moments and remind you the true emotions enjoyed during that day. As your photographers, we have the privilege of recording those special moments of your life, therefore discretion, simplicity and sensibility is imperative. Our goal is to capture the little details, the emotions of that day.

What makes our work unique for you is the capacity to catch those moments, thanks to digital techniques, that freeze moments in time, revealing the real emotions expressed. Fewer formal shots certainly give to our work a lighter more pleasing aspect and surely reflect the day's events in a truer light.

In conclusion, as our work and style is artistic reportage photography, our goal is to create an album that, above all, is a work of art.

Alberto Desirò, Simone Mazzei, Luca Di Bartolo and Guido Guidarelli are awarded wedding video & photographers able to satisfy their clients from all over the world, an excellent customer and delivery service of outstanding pictures.

Although their photographic studio is in Florence, their international experience allows them to interpret worldwide views in their works fullfillment.

On your wedding day, the photo session will combine traditional portraits, with fashion editorial photography and photojournalism.

As a result you will obtain a unique and engaging album as an heirloom of your most memorable day. 

Alberto Desirò / Florence

Professional Wedding Photographer


Simone Mazzei professional wedding videomaker

Simone Mazzei

Professional Wedding Photographer

Luca Di Bartolo 

Professional Wedding Videomaker


Guido Guidarelli professional wedding videomaker

Guido Guidarelli

Professional Wedding Videomaker and photographer