Day after session Portrait PHOTOgraphy

There is this truly amazing new trend in the world of marriage:

We all know that Instagram has flooded our smartphones with perfect images of brides and grooms during their wedding days, which look like they came out of a movie or magazine. Often on your wedding day, you don't have 2-3 quiet hours to venture to special places, take great portraits and then return to your party, right?

Here is our idea: the day after your wedding, and calmly, to be able to plan a portrait session with your wedding and groom clothes in beautiful and peaceful places. Fantastic places to capture beautiful portraits with peace of mind ...


Write us for more information:

Especially if you happen to have a rainy wedding day and want photos in good weather!

Or because you didn't want to take time away from your affectionate guests who have held you tight throughout your wedding day.

On the day dedicated to photography, we will be able to embark on more adventurous portrait sessions without worrying about getting our clothes dirty.

Reliving the elegance of your look another day and spending other delightful moments with your loved one is a wonderful opportunity for pleasant fun.

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