Engagement Portrait PHOTOgraphy in Tuscany

Engagement and Wedding Proposal  photo shooting in Florence.
I often shoot Engagement photos in Florence and around Tuscany, mostly for non-Italian couples, and this makes me very happy: it is a great chance to get to know couples blissfully in love from all over the world. It is such an experiece to see how differently each of them express their love and intimacy through their unique Engagement Photo Shooting. 
Engagement - or Wedding Proposal  - are unique moments worth to preserve with dedicated photo shooting. It is priceless to see the looks of love, the warm embraces, the laughs of friends, accomplices, lovers… surrounded by the astonishing beauties of Renaissance in Florence and Tuscany.

Mostly men get in tough with me to arrange their Engagement Photo Shooting session. They often want to surprize their loved-one, and ask for suggestions about the most beautiful and romantic places in Tuscany where to portrait their story. 

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I am very proud to contribute to the success of the Engagement Photo Shooting; I always do my best to suggest the most appropriate itinerary to have them enjoy Florence and Tuscany at most.

Quite often, along with the Engagement, I happen to immortalize the actual Wedding Proposal, which is most of the time truly unexpected for the partner. 

This is a very touchy moment also for me… and a great responsibility.


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